Welcome to Saint FM Community Radio, where you are invited to listen in and become acquainted with one of the world's most remote islands via a radio station whose very own listeners fought to bring it back on air. For eight years, St Helena's link to the outside world depended on its supply ship, a painfully slow Internet connection and Saint FM. It was a precious bond with home and family for islanders. Unfortunately, the Island's first independent radio station went off air abruptly, four days before Christmas 2012, in the face of impending competition from a new rival set up by the island's government. Within three weeks, a group of islanders had formed a committee to revive the station It was their intention to re-launch it as a charity, but this status was declined, hence it now operates as a community enterprise. Councillors', some of whom had voted to launch the rival, are now in full support of the people's own radio station. This was expressed when one of these councillors, allowed a transmitter to be erected at his home, to assist in getting the signal relayed across the island’s mountainous terrain. The station renamed Saint FM Community Radio, commenced broadcasting live on 10 th March 2013, and was back Internet streaming the following month. The output is unique, it doesn’t possess the slick sound heard and expected from professional stations in big countries.

St Helena Independent

St Helena Independent

The latest weekly news on St Helena.




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Listen to us live from St Helena

Listen to us live from St Helena


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Listen again to our recent programs

Listen again to our recent programs

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