About Saint FM

Saint FM invites you to listen in and become or continue to be acquainted with one of the world's most remote islands via a radio station whose very own listeners fought to bring it back on air. For eight years, St Helena's link to the outside world depended on its supply ship, a painfully slow Internet connection and Saint FM. It was a precious bond with home and family for islanders who had reluctantly sailed away to earn a living overseas. Unfortunately, the Island's first independent radio station went off air abruptly, four days before Christmas 2012, in the face of impending competition from a new rival set up by the island's government. Within three weeks, a group of islanders had formed a committee to revive the station It was their intention to re-launch it as a charity, but this status was declined, hence it now operates as a community enterprise. Councilors', some of whom had voted to launch the rival, are now in full support of the people's own radio station. This was expressed when one of these councilors, allowed a transmitter to be clamped to his home, to assist in getting the signal relayed across the island’s mountainous terrain. The station renamed Saint FM Community Radio, commenced broadcasting live on 10 th March 2013, and was back Internet streaming the following month. The output is unique, it doesn’t possess the slick sound heard and expected from professional stations in big countries.

Here is a message from the Saint Fm Committee that was read on air on the reopening on the 11th March 2013

Hello and a very warm welcome to Saint FM Community Radio.

Saint FM Community Radio was instigated following the closure of the former Saint FM and Radio St. Helena stations in December 2012.  The closing of these stations had such an impact on the island; gone were the familiar tunes and voices and the ability to be kept informed of the daily occurrences on our island.

A meeting was held on 15th January 2013 to discuss the possibility of reinstating SAINT FM with three main objectives; to inform, educate and entertain the people of St Helena and those abroad who have an invested interest in the island.

This mission required and still requires a great deal of hard work and dedication by the elected committee who consists of number of radio enthusiasts and those who were just keen to get Saint FM back online.

The highlight of all our hard work was brought to the forefront when we officially opened the station on Sunday, 11th March 2013, Mothers Day.  It was a very emotional occasion that reached the hearts of the majority of our listeners all over the island.  Phone calls and emails were received thanking us for bringing back a household member.

Work hasn’t stopped, as we direct our attention on attaining complete coverage of the island and work towards the reintroduction of live-streaming.

 Saint FM Community Radio operates as a company, limited by guarantee.  In conjunction with this legal entity we are registered as an Association, which enables us to fundraise to assist with our operational costs.   Our main source of income is through the means of advertising, annual membership fees and donations received by are listeners and supporters, as we receive no subsidy from SHG.

We look forward to any ideas on how we can increase our income to make this a success.

Saint FM Community Radio operates 24 hours day, with only two full-time staff, Donna Crowie and Claire Bennett manning the station on week days from 7am to 7pm.  Weekends are solely covered by our dedicated voluntary producers, which has reached an impressive 35+.  Without these key members this operation would be impossible.  On most nights from 21:30, the station continues on a playlist, except for Saturday nights when the programme continues onto approximately 11pm.

We are constantly making an effort to improve our broadcast and would appreciate ideas, views and opinions on how this can be done.  I would like to finish by thanking you for your support and hope that you will contribute to a worthy cause, keeping St Helena connected to the loved ones and the outside world..