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Saint Fm this afternoon has being informed that a  large supertanker, the MT Anne is expected to arrive at St Helena this afternoon, Monday 18 September 2017, at 5pm. The MT Anne will be anchoring in James’ Bay for a short while to disembark a sick crew member. Here is some details of the MT […]

On Sunday a update was received by Saint FM from Captain Adam Williams on the RMS St Helena and this what he had to say “The dry dock commenced flooding at 07h00 this morning to safety levels, on completion of manditory checks, full flooding commenced and the vessel was confirmed afloat at 12h00. The dock […]

St Helena Government has informed the members of the public that they will be awaiting the sale of tickets for the St Helena Air Service. They explained to the members of the public as to which point they are in making the tickets available, they said “Airlink are currently loading fares and the accompanying taxes […]

  Saint FM & the St Helena Independent has being in contact with Port Control in Cape Town a few minutes ago who has confirmed that the RMS St Helena has being flood dock and a tug is making it’s way to the RMS St Helena. So we can confirmed that the RMS St Helena […]

  Following enquires by Saint FM  this morning with regards to the RMS as she could still be seen sitting in dry dock, the Government Press Office has released the following statement. “ The public is advised that, due to severe weather conditions in Cape Town yesterday afternoon and through to 8am this morning, repair […]

Today St Helena Government issued a press release giving an update on the RMS St Helena, here is what they had to say “The RMS St Helena remains in Dry Dock in Cape Town. Today AWSML confirmed that parts for the port propeller hub arrived in Cape Town as scheduled and machining has started in […]

A special radio show will take place at Saint FM on Wednesday 6th September at 11.30 with Councilor Lawson Henry and SHG officials Dax Richards and Janet Lawrence on all matters relating to the airport, ticket prices and travel in general. If you have any burning questions or concerns then please send them to Saint […]

St Helena Government have released the following press release about ticket sales for the St Helena Air service  LAUNCH OF TICKET SALES FOR ST HELENA AIR SERVICE St Helena Government and Airlink are pleased to announce that the sale of tickets for flights to St Helena Island will commence early in September 2017. Airlink will operate […]

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