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Recently we have added additional functionality to our Saint FM services. The new service is the new Saint FM live streaming Android App which is available now for download and testing from the Google Play store. The App is designed to enhance our service which is now available in the mobile and portable device space […]

The 5th July 2019 issue of the St Helena Independent featured two stories around the Fibre Optic cable connections and Ground Stations. For those that are interested on how it all works here is excellent presentation by Christian von der Ropp on Connecting the Unconnected through Mega Constellations      

My full name is Karin Mandelli Saint FM proud to have Kay Mandelli join us for a month’s work experience.  Kay is taking part as a trainee radio presenter for her work experience on Saint FM. You will be able to catch Kay dulcet tones on air throughout the month as she teams up with […]

A selection Of Photos taken by The Saint FM team from the St Helena Parade, Ceremony and traditional Food preparation on 21st May 2019      

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