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20190118-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Petition – Stamp Experts on the Island – Movements in James’ Bay”

20190117-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Public Meeting last night – Yachts keeping Island busy”

20190116-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Busy in the harbour – Appeal Court to sit – Falklands a top destination”

20190115-Local-News-0700.mp3 “75% of Saints overweight or obese says UK newspaper, Ship Arrival and football”

20190114-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Mantis Manager Resigns, Confused Cruise Ship Visit, and Presentation for Cape to St Helena Yacht Race”

20190111-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Born Free Exhibition opened at the Museum, SHG Staff can sign petition”

20190110-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Supreme Court, Yachts and Cruise Ships, Petition and SHG to Mauritius”

20190109-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Signal House mast to be repaired, Inflation figures, Cricket and Tourism”

20190108-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Yachting News, From the Magistrates’ Court, Basil Read in more problems”

20190107-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Cape to St Helena Yacht Race – Plastic Killing Whale Sharks – Christmas Light Competition”

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