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Enough beer for a year.

On Tuesday, 30th June following our 2pm News Bulletin the Raffle Draw for the Beer for a Year was conducted. The attractive prize of a beer per day for an entire year was donated by the Queen Mary Stores, for which we are most grateful. This fundraising event raised an attractive £888.00. The lucky winner of our Raffle Draw was Jeremy Johns, of Half-Tree-Hollow, with Ticket Number 14, Sheet Number 43. Congratulations to Jeremy on his winnings and a special thank you to all of you, who participated in our raffle.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Cheers Queen Mary Stores (QMS) for your brilliant suggestion! Thank you all for your continued more

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Live discussion

On Wednesday, 10th June 2015, Saint FM Community Radio will be hosting a live discussion following our 14:00 GMT News Bulletin.  The panel for this discussion will consist of Councillor Derek Thomas, Chairman of the Health Directorate, Lisa Rhodes, Hospital Nursing Officer & Christine Laskey and Community Nursing Officer.  The primary topics being discussed are:  ·         The reopening of country clinics ·         The triage system ·         Doctors’ Appointments. You are encouraged to tune into Saint FM to hear and participate in this ‘live’ more

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2015 Radio Marathon on the way

Over the past few weeks we have been advertising the 2015 Saint FM Community Radio Marathon. We are five hours into the Marathon and we have been donated over five hundred pounds from around the Island and also abroad. As this is written we have listeners in Spain, Canada UK Capetown and Germany not to forget Ascension and The Falkland islands. Les is aiming to beat radio legend Tony Leo’s record of 27 hours on air in a radio marathon that took place in July 2013. So far Les is holding up well and looks forward to your support. For the first time we are taking calls directly on air at the studio on telephone number 00290 22660. If you would like to support Les you can listen to us live online we thank you for your more

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News and more news

The action pack St Helena Independent features St Helena’s Birthday also an interesting air access statement, read all about it here Please don’t forget the radio marathon starting at 1600 GMT today. One of our local radio presenters Les Baldwin will kick of the Marathon with the aim to beat Tony Leo’s record of 27 hours that was set in 2013. Please log onto to support us. More about the marathon can be found here For those of you on Island remember the country and western show down tonight with Ralph & Hazel Peters who will take their country and western sounds from the Saint FM studio to Pub Paradise in Texas.   Don’t forget you more

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The St Helena Independent 20140912

Here we are again.. Solar Farm for St Helena, Slavery in the South Atlantic, and much more. It is all in the Independent. Click on the link to view, happy reading more

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St Helena Independent 20140905

St Helena Airport: we are almost there, dry gut filled, we have a new boat in the harbour, lots of features and much more in this week's Independent see it all here more

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St Helena Independent 20140829

In this week's issue: The Sundale Scandal, Finally Extinct, No Loitering, Interesting letters and much more news and views from the South Atlantic. more

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St Helena Independent 22082014

This week – Governor with 'Cloak and Dagger'? Fuel Leak in Rupert's, Poultry, Virus, and other news. St-Helena-Independent-20140822 more

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