Les breaks Tonys record in FM Marathon

On Friday, 22nd May at 16:10 GMT, Les Baldwin embarked on Radio Marathon 2015.  The challenge was enormous, as in July 2013 local radio legend Tony Leo had set a record of 27 long hour’s non-stop raising an impressive £2,845.00 for Saint FM Community Radio.

Although well prepared, Les admits that nerves started to kick-in just before starting and at the start.  However, momentum built with support from the community of St. Helena, friends & families internationally and of course the support received within the studios of Saint FM.

At 19:10 yesterday evening, Saturday, 23rd May, champagne bottles were cracked open to celebrate Les’s first achievement; he had matched the 27 hours set by Tony Leo.  Glasses were raised, emails and phone calls received, to acknowledge and congratulate him on his accomplishment, however Les was keen to continue to set a new record time with the intention of increasing the level of funds raised for Saint FM Community Radio as at that time approximately £1,500 had been raised only.

During the marathon we also received some great news that another online community radio station which is located in Sydney, Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia Canada had donated a studio microphone and a portable recorder that was most welcomed, both of these items will play a key part within Saint FM as it gives us some much needed extra functionality. With increased gusto, Les continued, the sponsors continued to roll in and after a further five hours, at 00:10 on Sunday, 24th May 2015, Les announced that he had reached his goal; 32 hours of non-stop broadcasting and a phenomenal record of £3,041.00 had been raised exclusive of some international payments and hourly sponsorships.  The exact figure will be announced when confirmed, but is in excess of £3,300.

The support throughout the Radio Marathon 2015 was powerful and overwhelming, from the sponsors received, to the words of encouragement given, but more importantly the strength of the community spirit rang through giving a sense of unity, which can only be a lesson to all of us here on St. Helena as we move forward and prepare for the opening of our airport, the prospective opportunities and developments that it is hoped tourism and economic development will bring…we must remain united, we must communicate and more importantly we must stay alert and listen to the voices of our number one assets; the people of St. Helena and those internationally who genuinely care about the future of our island.

Thank you Les for a brilliant performance, congratulations on setting a new record and thank you to everyone who supported the event, your continuous support is what makes Saint FM Community Radio the No. 1 Radio Station, created by the people for the people.  

Thank You!!!

The Team

Saint FM Community Radio

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