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Behind every organisation there is always a dedicated team that keeps the lights burning the wheels turning behind the scenes of Saint FM is no different as this is the team that keeps the shows on air all day every day. Shortly we will update this page with our voluntary presenters.

Gavin Jack Thomas a voluntary presenter on Saint FM. Gavin presents Jacks Corner every Saturday. Gavin’s personality shines through his program and is listened too around the world on Saturday from 1500 GMT. Gavin is the originator of St Helena’s unsung heroes program which you can listen on our listen again podcast channel. Gavin join […]

Meet leigh Richards – leigh is a production assistant and is very motivated leigh is very keen to keep all of her listeners happy. Leigh is very dedicated to Saint FM success. Apart from contributing to all daily task with in the station.¬†Leigh is keen to get out into the public to capture events as […]

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