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Saturdays Fun Mix

Saturdays Fun Mix

Mikhail is the youngest member of the Saint FM staff and splits his presenting on Saint FM with working as a staff member of the St Helena Independent:

Mikhail’s responses to Team Saint FM Questions:

If I wasn’t working for Saint FM?   I would

Make Video’s. I have started ‘MICKY BUGATROSIS 3″ on You Tube. To inspire me to make better videos I would like to start a video production business on Island

My Celebrity Crush is:

Evan Fong

The Song that best describes me is:

Rynx – I’m Alright

If I have a Fear – what is it ?

Insects that have a licence to kill!

If I could have dinner with anyone who would it be with?

Evan Fong

My Favourite Series is:

The Big Bang Theory and The Grand Tour

The Song That I Can listen to on repeat and never tire of is:

Rynx – I want You

I Hate It When:

Others don’t see the talent they have

My Favourite place to eat or drink on St Helena is:

Rosie’s taste for Life

My favourite place to think for the weekends on St Helena is:

My Humble home where I can produce Video’s

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