Leigh Richards / Production Assistant

Meet Leigh Richards – Leigh is a production assistant and is very motivated leigh is very keen to keep all of her listeners happy. Leigh is very dedicated to Saint FM success.

Apart from contributing to all daily task with in the station. Leigh is keen to get out into the public to capture events as it happens and plays a big part in getting new people on board.

Leigh hails from Jamestown and is keen to contribute to young talent and developing success for the youth.

If I wasn’t work-in’ at Saint FM what would i do…

  • Chasing my dreams.

My celebrity crush is…

  • Usher….the looks is not mistaken.

The song that best describes me is…

  • Magic – rude……very much appropriate to when the hair is let down.

I think I have a fear what is it

  • Cockroaches, guess you will say who is biggest me or the cockroach!

If I could have dinner what would it be

  • Curry or Pliau followed by black puddings (a must have when you visit St Helena).

My favourite series is…

  • Has to be One Tree Hill – watched it 4 times already from seasons 1-9.

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is…

  • Perfectly prefect by Simple Plan

I hate it when…

  • People are two faced (one side to you face and another behind you back).

My favourite place to eat or drink on St Helena…

  • Harris Guest House.

My favourite place to think for the weekends on St Helena is…

  • Donnyz

What would you like to see become a success on St Helena?

  • New Horizons developing and more organizations helping in providing more opportunities for our young people.



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