Our services are used by clients both on and off Island. We offer radio advertising for just about anything including  Adverts and Announcements. Custom made advertising radio promo and Jingles. You name it we will do our best to get you the best value.

Why Advertise with us?

  • Saint FM community radio broadcasts on 93.1. 95.1. & 106.7 FM on St Helena, we also broadcast on FM on Ascension Island and via the KTV network on the Falkland Islands.
  • We broadcast online to a large stage audience of listeners around the world.
  • We deliver popular entertainment, special talk shows during the day, evening, and weekends.

What makes us different?

  • Saint FM is run by a local team and a group of radio presenters who passionately believe in providing a truly Saint community service to St Helena, Ascension and The Falkland Islands, we also reach out to the biggest stage audience around the world. 
  • We also offer advertising on our website. If you have an advert that you would like us to deliver then call or email us.


This is your chance to advertise with us on air and online. Get in touch with us and we can tell you more. We can help you more.  Check out our stats to give you an idea how many people you could reach out to online and on air.

Radio is the perfect advertising medium and because it is available online, in your car, in shops and at home it provides great entertainment, information, interaction and engagement for everyone. All of this whilst the listener goes about their everyday business local people will hear your advert all day, every day.

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