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Written by on June 18, 2019

Saint FM is proud to officially  announce  its’  partnership with the Fondation Napoleon, the partnership comes after discussions with Thierry Lentz while he was on island during May this year and is seen as a momentous step in preparing the island for the 2021 Bi-centenary which is hailed to be one of St Helena’s largest tourism events in history.

Director and Manager of Saint FM Tammy Williams said “Saint FM is reaching many countries around the world therefore we have the capabilities, expertise and knowledge to capitalise on this grand event. The Bi-centenary will do amazing things for St Helena in creating a richly, promotional opportunity to raise awareness of our Napoleonic heritage and the endless possibilities in creating  our own remarkable branding. We regard our partnership with the Fondation as a hand across the ocean in a combined effort to ensure that St Helena takes maximum advantage of the unique opportunity the bi-centenary will present.  It is vital that we get the messages out through a clear and strong platform and there is no more powerful tool than radio”

Chief Executive of the Fondation Napoleon Thierry Lentz said “We are delighted to join forces with Saint FM in preparation for the bicentenary of 2021. It is too early to give details, but we are preparing many surprises and exchanges involving the island, the Saints and our institution – the Fondation Napoléon – which is of course already present here on St Helena through its involvement in the Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd and in the work of the French Domains of St Helena. There will be Music, and History, going out live between Jamestown and Paris… so stay tuned!”

Director of the Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd, and on- island French Consul, Michel Dancoise-Martineau said “This news of an association between the island’s Independent radio station and the Napoleon Foundation could not be more encouraging so that the commemorations linked to the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death could take on an international dimension. Between Tammy’s trademark which are her enthusiasm and efficiency, and Thierry Lentz who is so well-known within the French media, this partnership is the ideal tool to show Saint-Helena’s attractiveness.” 

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