Air Corsica’s Chairman Luc Bereni Interview at the WTM 6th November

During the 2nd Live Saint FM Broadcast from the World Travel Market on the 6th November, Johnny Clingham, interviewed Luc Bereni  the Chairman of Air Corsica.

 Luc Bereni  – Chairman of Air Corsica

In the interview they discuss potential Flight options originating in Corsica to Saint Helena using their Airbus A320.  There is great interest regarding Napoleons place of exile & death on his birth Island Corsica and there could be great potential in such a flight especially with the Bi-Centennial coming up in 2021, so even if it is not technically possible to use their A320 they will work together to bring Corsicans to St Helena.


If you missed it you can hear it now

Note: Corsica’s main airport  is named Napoleon Bonaparte Airport

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