Let’s embrace the new World Tourism Day and the future of St Helena

Wednesday 27th September started out like any other day for most people but here at Saint FM the cogs had been turning days before we surprise our listeners with a World Tourism Day Radio Festival beginning at news time with a special message from Governor Lisa Philips as we prepared the breakfast show  with special guests, prizes, and even a cake. This year’s theme of sustainable development like cool breeze to the senses is refreshing indeed, it’s the route we are taking, an extraordinary journey full of surprises along the way, Governor Lisa Philips summed it up like this “ I’m really very excited and I can’t imagine how the rest of the island must be feeling, because after all this time 14th October will be the turning point for the island, so, waiting really in a very excited way for that first flight to touchdown, we’ve seen touchdown before but this one’s going be a really special one and I think tourism, you know, it’s a growing industry around the world and here we are, St Helena is going join that club and that’s just going be brilliant, so for me tourism has got to benefit St Helenians, for me tourism means more jobs, it means people coming in and spending more money in our businesses and all of that should mean more wealth for St Helenians and actually for the Government as well so that the Government can spend more money on teachers and nurses and all the public services that we need.  We have a unique selling point here and that is how unique St Helena is and that’s going to be about eco-tourism I think, people are really going to enjoy the sea, they’re really going to enjoy the walks and, of course, that means that we must keep it like that as well and our tourists must leave nothing more than footprints, we’re all working really hard to make sure that that’s all they do leave. I think if you ask that first set of tourists what will they remember, they’ll remember the St Helenian people, I think they’ll be blown away by the friendliness and the waving and how everyone smiles at each other and sure they’ll remember the lovely walks and the scenery and the dolphins but I wouldn’t mind betting that’s what they’ll say. Let’s embrace the new World Tourism Day and the future of St Helena and that will arrive on planes starting the 14th October and I can’t wait” Our first guests on the breakfast show were Councillor Lawson Henry also Chairman of the economic development committee including Dr Niall O’Keefe, Chief Executive for economic development and the newly appointed Tourism Director-designate Helena Bennett

Here are some of the podcast made on World Tourism Day.

Lawson Henry and Nial O Keefe, Helena Bennett the newly appointed Tourism Director shares their thoughts on St Helena Tourism.

Derek Richards owner of Island Images talks about St Helena Tourism.

Matt Joshua speaks to Saint FM about Mantis and Island Tourism.

Tara Wortley director from the Rose & Crown speaks about how tourist will affect her business ventures.


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