Simon Morley from BAS told Saint FM about their survey around St Helena

Simon Morley Is a senior scientist at the British Antarctic Survey who conducts research into understanding patterns of biodiversity and what allows species to live where they do. Simon is the lead scientist on the British Antarctic Survey ODA side of the project to conduct marine ecosystem research at St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha.

Here is what he told Saint FM about the Survey around St Helena


Earlier this month  a team of scientists on board the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross (JCR) have been investigating the habitats and biodiversity of the St Helena Marine Protected Area.   The JCR called briefly to Jamestown on Friday 6th April to drop off passengers from Tristan and collect scientists and observers from St Helena.  Joining from St Helena were Leeann Henry, Alison Small and Paul Cherret from the Marine Section, Donnie O’Bey from the Fishermen’s Association and Beth Taylor from National Trust. 

With all on-board, the vessel began a 7-day programme of science around St Helena EEZ.   Working 24 hours a day!

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