Tradewinds Golf Resort & Hotel named for new SHELCO Development

Shelco Competition Winner Announced.

The winner chosen from the 1339 name entries for the proposed development at Broad Bottom was announced iive in dramatic fashion on Saint FM Community Radio this morning.

The winning name for the development was revealed after Shelco’s Paul O’ Sullivan provided Tammy Williams with a password from a document containing the winning name that Paul had sent her by email. Once entered it revealed the winning name:

Tradewinds Golf Resort & Hotel.

Following that, Paul announced the person that suggested the name and will be the recipient of the £500 prize.

The winner was: Douglas Augustus of Sapper Way.

Congratulations Douglas from all of us here at Saint FM.

It was a privilege to host this well received competition on behalf of Shelco.

Paul also announced live on air that Shelco were also providing a £500 Donation to Saint FM.

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