20181019-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Old RMS Back in Portland – FCO About Overseas Territories and more”

20181018-Local-News-0700.mp3 “One Year of Airport – French Ambassador on the Island – UK spends £4billion on overseas potholes”

20181017-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Side Path Road to be closed – Bishops visiting – New Business Adviser and Charity Events”

20181016-Local-News-0700.mp3 “New Board of Mantis – Sure SA Ltd Cutting back – French Ambassador Visits – Carnival on Saturday”

20181012-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Container Crisis Solved – Interesting Executive Council – Falklands worried about Brexit – St Helena Independent”

20181011-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Container Crisis might cause price increases – Supreme Court and ExCo – Argentina protests against military exersises”

20181010-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Successful flight yesterday – More Plastic in the Ocean and Marine Protected Areas a threat to democracy”

20181009-Local-News-0700.mp3 “Flights and Ships – Inflation Up – Fundraising Events”

20181008-Local-News-0700.mp3 “More Flight Delays – Exam Results – Shipping”

20181005-Airport-Press-Conference.mp3 Press Conference confirming continuation of flights after airport closure but the weather not looking good

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