Donating makes a huge difference to our Island Community

Saint FM is the Heartbeat of St Helena, the only Community Radio station on St Helena. We keep our audience well informed and updated as it happens.

Our services are available to the entire Island community via our local broadcast on 4 FM transmitters.. These services are also relayed to Ascension Island where they are broadcast via 2 FM transmitters and also to the Falkland Islands where they are broadcast via KTV.  Our output is also streamed free online via our website and more recently via Amazon and Google devices and the Saint FM App (Android Devices only).

Saint FM plays an important role keeping families, friends and loved ones connected around the world and most importantly, we play a major part in promoting St Helena. During the life cycle of COVID-19 Saint FM was the only organisation on St Helena delivering an output at 110%.

We want to continue to enhance our services to you and most importantly we want to continue to serve St Helena with the last available free service to the St Helena Community, however like all organisations we have ever increasing running costs.

Our running costs include high power consumption, expensive Internet streaming over satellite and more recently we have sadly experienced a major failure on our main 15-year-old Jamestown FM transmitter. This requires funding around £5000 – £6000 to replace. Without the Jamestown transmitter, the Island community coverage network is not serviceable and without the island coverage then online services such as streaming would also become non viable.

We also have demand from Apple Device users to provide an App for them on that platform, but unfortunately, this is not viable at this time due to funding constraints.

The Saint FM team is 80 percent volunteers, we are a true Saint Community team with a long history of giving back to the community and we want to continue to do this by entertaining our audience and we’re asking for a little help.

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