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Addie presents the ‘Now Show’ On Tuesday (1000-1200) & Friday (1200-1400) and additional fill-in slots on other weekdays.  Addies shows are a mix of across genre music and her own commentary.

Addie returned to St Helena in October 2020 after a 21 year period, having left St Helena for the UK in October 1999 where she lived in and around London

Addie worked in project and estate management in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, travelling the length and breadth of the UK which she described as Fun, Fun, Fun.

Addie loves travel and her most recent travels from Sep 2019 – Oct 2020 were around the UK and US Eastern Seaboard.  She spent Lockdown in Liverpool from Mar 2020 – Oct 2020 having managed to return there from New York City just before the Borders were closed.

We asked Addie some ‘Fun’ Questions:

How long was your worst hangover? – 5 days

Best Place To Eat Out Grub Out?  – Arricia, Bedford St, New York City

Favourite mode of Transport? – Rode a Honda CBR600 for a while……hoping someone on the island is going to give me theirs !

What are your Passions?  – Passionate about: Family, friends, Peace, Love, Gratitude, Tolerance, Living in the Now where it all happens!

Favourite Pastimes?   – Travel, writing, reading, walking, radio,  meeting folk from all over the world, swimming…

Dislikes?  – Negativity and endless moans and gripes about the same stuff…..oh and endless clutter……how much does one human being need LOL

Favourite Music? – Oh man…all the old stuff (1960s – 1980s)

Best experience ever?  -Realising that I didn’t have to live for anyone else anymore….freeeeeedom

Longest period of time without any sleep?  – Only about 48 hours

Favourite holiday destination? – Italy

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