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(Arnie) Arnold Beard. The majority of friends, work colleagues call him by his nickname. Only immediate family and formal contacts use his proper name.

Arnie lives in the very heart of central London and works as a Private Butler/Chef, and is still very passionate about music. The radio is always on whilst at his work.

Radio and music have always been in Arnie’s heart since the good old days of Radio St. Helena back in the late 80’s. Upon leaving the Island to live in the UK in 1992 Arnie missed the Radio a great deal. On every visit back to the Island Arnie presents Live Shows on Saint FM.

On his last visit in 2019 Sharon Wade and Arnie discussed about doing something for Saint FM from the UK.  On return to the UK, it took a while to gather the necessary equipment and materials to do so, but like the Phoenix from the ashes finally “Airwaves Command” is back on the Saint Helena airwaves. Every other Thursday Evening from around 7.30pm the 2 hour Airwaves Command show is packed with dedications and requests.

Playing your favourite hits and choice of songs covering all genres. Just like those long ago good old days.

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