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The Shine Show

The Shine Show

Saint FM Staff Member Sharon Wade

The Breakfast Shine Show

The Breakfast Shine Show

Saint FM Staff Member Sharon Wade

Sharon joined Saint FM in 2018 after her many years as Purser on the RMS St Helena. Sharon took on the role of Station Manager on July 1st 2023.

Sharon Is no stranger to the Air Waves as being a presenter on Radio St Helena prior to her time on the RMS.

Sharon presents the popular Shine Show throughout the week with news, features and of course the Quizzy Quiz , Brain Teaser and  Know Your Island quizzes.

Talking of Quizzes we turned the tables on Sharon and asked her a series of Staff Team Member Questions:

If I wasn’t working for Saint FM?        I would still be at sea…probably on a Korean fishing ship by now, and blending in well!!!!

My celebrity crush is         None really – everything is made to look good in print, although Channing Tatum seems to put some extra life into the papyrus for me!! 

The song that best describes me is:     Metallica’s ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ on a Friday night, and Jim Reeves’ ‘I Won’t Forget You’ on a Sunday morning……potluck during the week!

I think I have a fear what is it?        Not letting on…. so that it can’t be used against me!

If I could have dinner what would it be?     Prawn Bhuna (Hot!!) & Jeera Rice + Garlic Naan, with those lovely little fresh condiments….

My favourite series is             (was!, when I had loads of time)  Pretty Little Liars & Once Upon A Time

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is…  None!….seldom seen or heard is wonderful so I take my rounds with favourite songs.

I hate it when…   I have to do all those house-wifely chores..….I believe in sweeping the room with a glance!

My favourite place to eat or drink on St Helena‘Terbrensha’ (Mom’s place!)

My favourite place to think for the weekends on St Helena is…  Peak Dale Farm…my old hometown of ‘many fruit trees, gardens and animals’ fame, but more of family, home and loving memories.

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