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Tammy was born on St Helena and grew up in the streets Jamestown in the 70 and 80s before she immigrated to the lush side of the island.

Tammy was the Station Manager for many years here at Saint FM Community Radio but now is a Voluntary Presenter, now concentrating on her business.

Tammy is very passionate about Saint FM and has also played here prt within the local music talent. Tammy has played a key part in growing Saint FM Community Radio.

If you asked Tammy.

If I wasn’t workin’ at Saint Fm what would i do…

Probably somewhere in the private sector

My celebrity crush is…

Uncle albert from only fools and horses of course

The song that best describes me is…

i’m like a bird, i’ll only fly away”… Nelly furtado

I think I have a fear what is it

Scary dreams, where you just can’t seem to run fast enough!

If I could have dinner what would it be

Pilau and fishcakes followed by homemade ice cream and jelly, truly saint, best cuisine in the world

My favourite movie is…

The 1950’s musical Oklahoma, it’s timeless, i know all the lines and songs!

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is…

Amazing Grace

I hate it when…

People are cruel to animals and each other!

My favourite place to eat or drink in on St Helena…

Outside in the garden with my husband!

My favourite place to thing for the weekends on St Helena is…

My home

What would you like to see become a success on St Helena?

Saint FM of course, growing bigger and better every day as the people’s choice!


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