St Helena Incident Executive Group (IEG) Statement on COVID-19 Home Quarantine Decision

December 14, 2020

Members of the St Helena Incident Executive Group (IEG) Cllr’s Thomas & Buckley along with Chief of Police David Price visited Saint FM at 1558hrs on Monday 14th December 2020 – to provide a statement on Covid-19 Home Quarantine (HQ)Processes reviewed at the IEG on the 14th December.

After review, it was stated that from the January 2021 flight, all arrivals to St Helena will be allowed to Quarantine in a property that has been pre-approved by a Proper Office.

The IEG review focused on three principal areas:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Overall Risk Assessment
  • 24-hour Roaming Security Monitoring

A Key part of SOP’s are that entry to St Helena will be limited to 96 people per flight as pre recommendation by Health Service – based on Testing capabilities and resource availability. Neighbouring Properties informed on of HQ, Signage and

An Updated Risk Assessment on Bradleys vs. HQ Quarantine will be published on SHG Website Covid-19 Page along with Press Statement once Legislative Council has reviewed

A further Press conference will be held Prior to the January Flight

Outline Specifications for Roaming 24 hr Security have been issued and a good response received. A more detailed specification will be developed and negotiated with potential suppliers of the service.

The Full Process of HQ will be issued to the Public prior to the January as part of the HQ Information campaign.

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