Emma Weaver & Danni Thomas talk about the Earthbeat Impact Award for the Film on saving the St Helena She Cabbage

Emma Weaver & Danni Thomas talk to Tammy Williams about the Earthbeat Impact Award at COP 26 for their 3 minute film on saving the St Helena She Cabbage on The Breakfast Show on Wednesday 10th November 2016.

The three-minute film, produced by Danni and Emma, was announced at COP26 as an Impact Award winner in a young persons’ film competition run by youth4planet/Earthbeat on Friday, 5 November 2021.

They talk about how the film was made & the team involved in the restoration of the Plant and the story being told of how St Helena is conserving rare species and the exposure for St Helena the film has generated globally and upcoming events to celebrate and share on Island.

The film was the only one from the competition to feature on BBC World Service Newshour. Friday’s (5th Nov) short interview with Emma focused on the Nursery Team’s aim to soon plant out some of the new She Cabbages within the Island’s Cloud Forest, and looked at why restoring endemics like the She Cabbage and planting them at the Cloud Forest is important in St Helena’s efforts to combat climate change.

There is more to see and hear on the internet regarding this award – just follow the links below

The Film

The Impact Award is at 2 hours, 11 minutes and 50 secs into the following Video
The Award Presentation at COP 26

Emma’s Interview on BBC World Service Newshour(Skip to 36 minutes and 33 Seconds to listen) NOTE – Only Available until 29th November 2021

Saint FM – Listen Live

The Heartbeat of St Helena

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