Safeguarding Week 2022 – St Helena Launch Day Interview

The Friday morning Breakfast Show on Friday 18th March 2022 hosted by Tammy Williams welcomed three special guests.

Father David Musgraves of the Sacred Heart Catholic church, Julia Drozdowskij, citizen of Ukraine and locum primary school teacher and Gavin ‘Jack’ Thomas, Senior Manager and Public Guardian, and Acting Director of Children & Adults Social Care.

Friday 18th March establishes the launch of Safeguarding week which seeks to protect children and adults from exploitation on St Helena online, it was also a time to reflect on the children of Ukraine. According to UNICEF the Ukraine war is creating a child refugee every second. The radio program was to honour all children everywhere but in particular the children of Ukraine.

A heart felt discussion by the panel ending with a blessing by Father David.

Saint FM is proud to partner with all agencies on St Helena and around the world in protecting the rights of all children everywhere.

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