St Helena COVID-19 Response Update 24th Sept 2020

September 24, 2020


Tammy Williams was joined on the Mid-Morning Show by Cllr Derek Thomas, Matt Joshua, David Price, Dr Kumar Tanyan & Georgina Young to provide an update on the latest COVID-19 command structures and associated processes now in place now that the IEG has been stood down.

  • Cllr Thomas provided a background as to why the IEG has stood down and the new command structure now in place, why the decision was made for people coming from Ascension can Self Isolate and priorities going forward.
  • Chief Of Police David Price provided a overview of the COVID 19 Command Structure now in place on Island.
  • Dr Kumar discussed the Medical background around quarantine processes now in place.
  • Georgina Young gave an update on the Self Isolation operating processes and how property assessments are carried out.
  • Matt Joshua, Manager of Bradleys Camp provided an overview of how Bradley’s Camp processes works in cycles and how communication has been enhanced for people in quarantine.


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