St Helena Governance Commission – 2nd Radio Session 8th Sept 2020


Listen here to the 2nd St Helena Governance Commission Radio Session broadcast on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

Joining Tammy Williams for this session were Commission Members Vince Thompson & Ferdie Gunnell.

Discussion points were:

  • Background as to why the Commission was introduced on the back of Professor Sarkin’s two Governance reports on constitutional change on St Helena as an advisory body.
  • The upcoming Public Consultation with a potential public consultive Poll in October using a different register purely for this poll.
  • Scrutiny Committees:
    • Number of and Political Accountability, Transparency & Terms of Reference.
  • Ministerial System:
    • Size of Legislative Council.
    • Constituencies.
    • Question Time.
    • Private Members Bill.
    • Governors Position.






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