St Helena Government Ministers Respond on Scrutiny Committee Issues plus updated Covid restrictions and Minimum Wage

The St Helena Government Ministers attended Saint FM on the afternoon of 28th April 2022 to respond to the backbenchers concerns regarding security committee’s role in the new political system.

Prior to the main discussion & included in this podcast the Chief Minister & Chief Medical Officer announce changes to the Covid Quarantine and testing procedures for Fully Vaccinated persons from the next flight to St Helena and the rationale for those.

The discussion on Scrutiny hosted by Vince Thompson & Mike Olsson starts at 15 mins, 56 secs.

Discussion around St Helena’s Minimum Wage starts at 1 hour, 8 mins, 17 secs.

All 6 Ministers Julie Thomas (Chief Minister), Jeffrey Ellick, Mark Brooks, Christine Scipio, and Martin Henry attended and participated.

Well worth a listen.

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