St Helena’s Legislative Council believe St Helena Scrutiny Committees “Unworkable”

A group of 6 of St Helena’s Legislative Councils Backbenchers visited Saint FM on Wednesday 27th April 2022 to discuss several issues.
The backbenchers were Dr Corinda Essex, Karl Thrower, Rob Midwinter, Ronald Coleman, Gilly Brooks, and Andrew Turner

The discussion was hosted by Vince Thompson & Mile Olsson.

During the discussion It has become apparent that the way ministers have used their power to decide what authority is given to the Scrutiny Committees could threaten the credibility of the newly created St Helena Ministerial System.

This is what Members of Legislative Council think about the Scrutiny Committees set up by the Ministers:

  • The purpose of scrutiny committees is to hold ministers to account. Scrutiny involves, or should involve, investigation of the policies ministers introduces, the administration of Government they are accountable for and the effectiveness of the spending budgets they have allocated to each Government Department or Portfolio.
  • Scrutiny Committees are, or should be, the flagship within the system of Government for transparency and accountability. After making changes to the Constitution to give more decision-making powers to the ministerial team, Scrutiny Committees are seen as the balancing authority given to other Members of Legislative Council.
  • The whole purpose of Scrutiny Committees is to hold Ministers to account.

This is an interesting discussion, well worth a listen

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