St Helenian Radio stalwart Tony Leo talks to Sharon Wade to celebrate World Radio Day 2021

February 12, 2021

To celebrate World Radio Day 2021, St Helenian Radio stalwart Tony Leo joined Sharon Wade on the Shine Show to talk about the early days of his career and the shaping of ST HELENA GOVERNMENT BROADCASTING STATION (Radio St Helena) in the early days after his appointment in April 1973. Tony revisits how he became to be appointed the Stations 1st Full time Member.

They then discuss the progression in programming and how the team worked both in the studio and the many outside broadcasts and the strict procedures they had to follow, including the records that were banned from transmission: French Kiss; Leap up and down with your knickers in the air; Push it; My Ding-A-Ling; Je t’aime’

A bit of background on Radio St Helena:

Radio Saint Helena (call-sign: ZHH) was a local radio station serving the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena. Broadcasting on an AM frequency of 1548 kHz (194 m), the station was audible within a range of about 100 km from the island.
Radio St Helena also broadcast internationally on one day each year – on 11.0925 MHz shortwave – using the call-sign ZHH-50. Many of the station’s regular presenters took part in this event, known as “Radio St Helena Day”, thereby enjoying the experience of broadcasting to audiences all around the world.

The station began official broadcasting on 14th October 1967, relaying programmes from the BBC World Service and with ‘Variety Hour’ on Saturdays from 5pm-6pm presented by Rex Duncan.

Radio St Helena closed down at midnight on Christmas Day, 25 December 2012. This, following the earlier closure of Saint FM on 21 December, left Saint Helena with no broadcast radio service at all until Saint FM was relaunched on 10 March 2013 as Saint FM Community Radio.

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