Update on St Helena’s Undersea Cable Project

June 30, 2021

The Head of St Helena Governments IT Department and Undersea Cable Project lead Jerry Roberts provided an update to listeners as to the progress of the Project on the Breakfast Show on 30th June 2021.
Works on the cable are progressing well, two Engineers from Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) who arrived in May 2021, to undertake the installation of the Power Feed equipment and all associated telecoms equipment left on Saturday after successfully completing their tranche of the works.
Eight engineers from MCC, along with four members of Alcatel’s Submarine Networks Installation and Testing Team are now expected to arrive towards the end of July, their visit is expected to coincide with the arrival of the cable landing ship schedule to arrive in Ruperts Bay on 20th August 2021.
The next stages of the work will include Equiano’s shore end landing, testing of the MCLS’s Power Feed Equipment and working towards the station’s completion date which has been forecasted towards September/October 2021.
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