Saint FM – Back On Smart Devices with Own Voice Command

Written by on September 15, 2020

“Hey Google” or “Alexa”

Following TuneIn removing Saint FM on the 10th September on the assumption is this could be due to new region streaming restrictions, Saint FM was also not available on Smart Devices such as Alexa and Google Nest etc.

We are delighted to announce today 15th September 2020 we have enabled Saint FM’s very own voice command on Amazon and Google devices.
This command will take a little time to populate depending on where you live in the world.

What does this mean?
Well Saint FM no longer requires the dependency of tune-in to enable listeners to listen to the live streaming.
To allow us to test and to give listeners a warm fuzzy feeling that this added feature is working successfully, we would like listeners to test this functionality.

For those live streaming listeners with Amazon devices e.g. Alexa’s etc.
The simple way to get this working is.
• Login to Alexa app
• From the skills tab search Saint FM Community Radio
• Select enable skill
You can also enable skills by
• Navigating to (make sure you are logged into Amazon)
• Search for Saint FM Community Radio
• Enable it
• Wait for the skill to upload to your account

Note: You might have to remove your old skill from your skills.

You have a choice of 3 voice commands for Alexa to play Saint FM:

1 “Alexa play Saint FM Community Radio”
2 “Alexa Start Saint FM Community Radio”
3 “Open Saint FM Community Radio”

For Google Devices users with e.g. home speakers and Google Nest devices etc.
You have 3 options to initiate & Play Saint FM

1 “Hey Google, Talk to Saint FM community Radio”
2 “Hey Google, Ask Saint FM Community Radio to Play”
3 “Hey Google, Saint FM Community Radio”

Early tests show that it takes 60 seconds to play Saint FM after the voice responds that it says ‘You are Listening to Saint FM Community Radio” we would like to hear if other users are experiencing this.

Feedback this and any other issues and with best endeavours we will try to resolve the problem.

This is a test phase before we move on to re-enable TuneIn as a backup resource for our streaming service.

Thank you for your patience as we restore the service with hopefully a much more redundant one.

Saint FM – Listen Live

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