The Monday Brunch Show

Mikhail Harris

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Monday 11:00 14:00

The Monday Brunch Show

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The Monday Brunch Show is either presented by Staff Member Mikhail Harris or Station Manager Tammy Williams and times alternate every other Monday- Either ffter the midday News though to 1500 Hrs or from 1100hrs to 1400 hrs.

It includes the latest menus and announcements alongside a general mix of music.

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The Monday Brunch Show crew

Mikhail is the youngest member of the Saint FM staff and splits his presenting on Saint FM with working as a staff member of the St Helena Independent: Mikhail’s responses to Team Saint FM Questions: If I wasn’t working for Saint FM?   I would Make Video’s. I have started ‘MICKY BUGATROSIS 3″ on You Tube. […]

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