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The White Ribbon Campaign organised a march today (amongst many other initiatives) in the weeks leading up to today 25th November, White Ribbon Day. Members from Safeguarding, the Heath Directorate, the Police and Fire Services but to name a few directorates, including politicians and Civil Servants gathered to support the initiative. A shout of “No!” […]

Today, the 1st November 2021 saw the final four Ministers elected to the new Ministerial Government Cabinet. Chief Minister Julie Thomas announced as follows: Martin Henry – Health & Social Care Mark Brooks – Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Christine Scipio – Environment & Natural Resources Jeffrey Ellick – Safety, Security & Home Affairs Chief […]

Rosemary June Bargo of Half Tree Hollow, 456 Gillian Ann Brooks of 25 Barracks Square, 561 Mark Alan Brooks of 2 Fullers Flats, 533 Ronald Arthur Coleman of Silver Hill Levelwood, 678 Jeffrey Robert Ellick of 76 Wirebird Drive Half Tree Hollow, 688 Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex of “Villa Ajaccio” Napoleon Street Jamestown, 827 Martin […]

The roll call has finally taken place and we can now confirm the names of those running in The General Election 2021. The shift to a Ministerial Government is now fully underway: Leslie Paul Baldwin of Half Tree Hollow Rosemary June Bargo of Half Tree Hollow Clint Richard Beard of Market Street, Jamestown Keith Gordon […]

At approximately 0745 hrs on Monday 6th September 2021 HMS Protector docked in James Bay. Yet another vessel which has navigated it’s way to the safety of Saint Helena’s waters. Travelling from Gibraltar, the crew have been at sea for ten days, sufficient time to weather any Covid concerns and in speaking to Steve Kirk […]

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